Terms And Conditions Of Hiring Woodside, Low Mill And Fell View Cottages

  1. For bookings made 60 days or less prior to commencement of date of hire full payment is required.
  2. For guests who pay online through our web site we request a pre- authorised amount of £150 against their credit card. This amount is simply reserved approx 14 days before the holiday and release 14 days after the holiday, if there is no damage. The card details are securely held in compliance with GDPR.
  3. Visitors are respectfully asked to take all reasonable care of the property and its contents and leave it as found, in a clean and tidy condition.
  4. Any visitor with a dog is respectfully asked to ensure
    • They are not allowed on furniture downstairs unless on a clean throw
    • They are not allowed upstairs and the gate remains in situ. (if you do want your dog upstairs please speak to us BEFORE booking) 
    • That all dog deposits are bagged and binned from the garden as we often have families with children staying at Woodside and Fell View
    • That dog hair is vacuumed up
    • Please do not leave your dog unaccompanied in the cottage unless you are confident they will settle .
    • Guests must satisfy themselves that the garden gate is closed before letting their dog off lead.
    • We reserve the right to charge you the full cost of replacement bed linen if linen becomes unusable after paw prints and dog hair impregnation and also for extra cleaning time required to eradicate excessive dog hair.
  5. Please do not park in front of the bin, in such a position that they can not be removed to be emptied by the bin men. If the bin can’t be removed by the bin men and we have to call upon them for an extra clean , you will be liable for the cost.
  6. Any breakage or damage must be reported to the owner without delay. It is at the discretion of the owner whether a charge should be made for the breakages or damage.
  7. It is the hirer’s responsibility to make sure that none of the cottage contents are removed from the cottage.
  8. The owner cannot be held responsible for any personal belongings left at the cottage.
  9. Visitor’s should arrange their own holiday insurance cover in respect of cancellation of the holiday booking due to  inclement  weather, Force Majeure,  disinclination by guest(s) to travel injury, personal shielding by guest(s) , self isolation,illness of guest(s), loss or damage to personal property, including vehicles left on the premises as no responsibility whatsoever can be accepted by the owners. We would urge you to consider a cancellation plan or arrange your own holiday insurance.Some UK banks provide travel insurance through their current accounts.
  10. The balance is due 56 days prior to the holiday commencement date. The deposit is not refundable (unless the holiday is cancelled by the owner), and unless at least 56 days notification of cancellation in writing prior to commencement of the holiday is given, the balance must be paid in full. If the holiday is cancelled 56 days or less prior to the commencement of the holiday a refund of the balance will only be given if the holiday period can be re let.
  11. The lead member of the party is over 18 years of age.
  12. At Woodside and Low Mill- There is space to park two cars at the rear of the cottages which is accessible via a slip road.  Please do NOT park your cars anywhere else as this is NOT permitted, as the roads at the front and back of Woodside and Low Mill are private roads and you will be asked to move.  Extra parking for visitors is available locally and can be secured on arrival.(info will be provided if requested.)
  13. At Fell ViewThere is space to park two cars at the cottage which is accessible via a slip road. (if 2 cars , one must be parked in the garage( dimensions of garage approx 15 foot long by 9 foot 6 inch wide, door opening 82 inches) Further parking spaces are available at the back of Fell View. 
  14. You will allow maintenance personnel, cleaning staff, the Owners and the Owner’s representative reasonable access to the property for the purposes of repair and maintenance.
  15. Wi fi is provided  free of charge providing there is reasonable use for emails, surfing etc. Please use the internet responsibly and do not use or download illegal or copyrighted material, as such use is recorded and the user will be accountable for any illegal usage. When accessing the internet on your electronic devices we suggest you ensure that they are protected against possible virus infection. We will review usage at the end of your holiday. Whilst every effort is made to ensure continuity of service, we cannot be held responsible for disconnection due to service providers or Openreach planned maintenance or MBORC (Matters Beyond Our Reasonable Control.)
  16. The renting of the cottage is solely for the purpose of a holiday
  17. We do not have a dedicated EV charging point, nor do we have a power socket, either indoors or outdoors, that is suitably rated, protected and certified as safe for use for charging an EV, or for plugging in a lead that is routed outdoors.

    We are therefore unable to allow the charging of EVs on the premises, but we’re happy to direct guests to the nearest available public charging points and can provide this information in advance of arrival on request.

  18. All cottages  are NON SMOKING

  19. In line with Government legislation Oct 2023, all exits have thumb turns and parents must supervise their children accordingly. 
  20. Please be aware that the Spa can close at anytime due to matters beyond our control, and as access to the Spa is provided free to our guests we are unable to offer any monetary compensation should the Spa close.
  21. Whilst at Woodside, Low Mill  or Fell View  if you have a problem, please do not wait until you are home to inform us of it. Please give us the opportunity to put the problem right whilst at the cottage by sending a text or email or phoning.

  22. Bookings made through Super Control Booking System, are provisional until confirmed by us
  23. If we are required to close by the government we will offer you a transfer of dates or a full refund. In the case of a transfer of dates if the new dates differ in price to your original dates you will be refunded the difference if your new dates are a lower price or required to pay the additional cost if your new dates are a higher price.
  24. We cannot offer refunds if guests cannot complete their stay, early departure does not warrant a rental decrease.
  25. If a guest becomes unwell during their stay we ask that they return to their main residence in line with government health guidance.
  26. If a guest cannot reasonably return home (for example, because they are not well enough to travel or do not have the means to arrange transport), their circumstances should be discussed with an appropriate health care professional. If they are too unwell to travel, they will be liable for the additional rental for any longer period staying and costs of any subsequent cancellations incurred.

We urge guests to ensure they have adequate Travel Insurance.

*Updated 4th February 2023