Gummer’s How for a fabulous view of Lake Windermere

  1. Turn right off the A592 and park your car in the Forestry Commision car park on the right as you are going up the road .
  2. Gummers How Car Park LA12 8NW
  3. Walk across the road and through the gate signposted ‘Gummers How’. It’s a lovely woodland walk to start with across a brook followed by a fairly strenuous hill. The path up has been formed into steps . There are lot of steps, and at busy times it can be difficult to pass people who are going up or down the steps!.
  4. Approximately halfway to the summit, the path splits into two. You can continue left and scramble your way up to the top or turn right behind the hillock and take a more leisurely grassy path upward. I took the easier route and very pleasant it was.
  5. You soon arrive at the summit (20 mins) and tyou are rewarded with views all around. Find a good place to sit and take in the view before you make your way back down. Either take the same route you took to the top, or make a circuit and chose an alternative route back down.
  6. This walk is ideal for youngsters. A picnic on the top is a great idea!

Walk Distance: 1.5 miles

Lakeside in the distance

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